About Us

We are a family-owned investment fund with over three decades of entrepreneurial success and management experience. We value collaboration and think long-term. We believe that responsible business generates better, more widespread returns, and our decades of investment success support this belief. Our investments consistently create value for our partners and the world around us.



What makes us different




We are an experienced, family-owned investment fund that creates value by helping startups and early stage companies become market leaders by developing progressive solutions to large-scale challenges. Our responsible, hands-on approach creates long-term value for our partners and the world around us.


With over a quarter century of business management and investment experience in a wide range of industries, we can mentor and advise our partners throughout their entrepreneurial journey. We’ve built a large network of experienced business leaders that we trust and can turn to for collaboration and advice.

Long-term Investing

We champion long-term value creation over short-term financial gains. Rising to challenges requires smart solutions—and truly progressive ideas usually aren’t built overnight. True innovation always has an eye on a better future (not just an IPO five years down the road), and we believe in supporting our investments over the long haul.

Hands-on Approach

We are active investors and aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We work alongside our partners—listening to them, connecting them with leaders in our network, offering relevant, timely advice, adding follow-on capital or serving as part of a company’s board.



The most successful relationships are built on trust, so we strive to always be open, transparent, and communicative with our partners. In our opinion, opaque leadership often leads to questionable governance practices. When it comes to our investments, we are always straightforward, honest and just a phone call away.

Family-owned Fund

We are extremely selective with our investment decisions, but we also aren’t afraid to take a risk when we believe in a business opportunity, a company’s financial position, and its leadership team. Our small, nimble and tightly-knit team allows us make decisions quickly and effectively, ensuring that valuable time isn’t wasted.



Meet Our Team



Jessica McLear  |  Partner

Jessica is an experienced angel investor and advisor to several early-stage companies throughout North America. In addition to her role at MooDoos, she is also member of Boston-area Launchpad Venture Group. Jess’s experience spans many different sectors, including manufacturing, IT, medical devices, and consumer goods. She is an observer or serves on the board for several portfolio companies, including 3Play Media, CPL, KnipBio, and 99Degrees Custom, as well as various non-profits. Jessica holds an M.Ed from Harvard University.


Caitlin Wege  |  Partner

Caitlin is an experienced angel investor and advisor to several early-stage companies throughout North America. She serves on the board of portfolio company Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited, in Mississauga, Canada. In addition to her role at MooDoos, she is an active member of Tech Coast Angels, the largest Angel network in the US. Caitlin is passionate about the planet, social causes and fostering entrepreneurial education and learning. She is a next-generation trustee and grant committee member for the Wege Foundation, an environmentally-focused family foundation based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a board member of The Ecology Center, in Orange County and serves as a mentor and advisory board member for the ZIP Launchpad at San Diego State University. She holds a BFA from Syracuse University.


Jen Wege  |  Partner

Jen is an experienced angel investor, a sought-after mentor and advisor for entrepreneurs, and frequently serves as a judge for grant competitions across North America. Her strength in Business Development and sales/marketing strategy come from an 8-year Sales Career in Manufacturing with Steelcase and several years running her own e-commerce startup. In addition to her role with MooDoos LP, Jen is a member of two Angel Investment Groups in North Carolina, RTP Capital and the Wilmington Investor Network. Jen sits on the Board of Directors of Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited in Mississisauga, Canada and has served as a Director for The Council for Entrepreneurial Development in Durham, NC. She is also a Trustee for the Wege Foundation, an environmentally-focused family foundation located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She holds an MBA from the Simmons College School of Management in Boston, MA.


Peter Wege  |  Partner

Peter started as a synthetic organic chemist in Technical Services for Eli Lilly in 1975. Peter ended his time at Eli Lilly as Manager of Chemical Manufacturing. In 1981, he began working at Steelcase, Inc. During his time at Steelcase he held positions of Manager of European Liaison, Vice-President of Steelcase Canada and later President of Steelcase Canada. Peter has been a member of the Steelcase board of directors for the past thirty-eight years. By 1990 he started investing in and consulting for start-up companies. Peter learned early on that “Angel” investing is very risky, and he has the scars to prove it. But patience, optimism and perseverance have also brought successes.

Currently, Peter is Chairman of the Board of Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited and sits or observes on the board of several of the MooDoos portfolio companies. Peter holds an BA in Organic Chemistry from Williams College and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. He has sat on the board of various non-profits including the Lafayette Symphony, Williams College Board of Trustees, the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and was President of the Wege Foundation.